• Less chlorides introduced into waterways, reducing ionic stress on vegetation 

  • Reducing the amount of metals such as magnesium and calcium released into the environment

  • Less time equipment is required to clear ice and snow, the less fuel is consumed ie: less air pollution

  • No runoff from storage as Beet 55® being a liquid, is stored in tanks 

  • ​Helps to conform with the Federal government Code of Practice for Environmental Management of Road Salts

  • Corrosion inhibitor, reducing this factor by as much as 70% in certain cases on both vehicles and equipment

Safety of both workers and the public are always of the utmost priority from contractors and organizations. Some of the ways Beet 55® can help them are:

  • Liquids limit worker exposure to heavy equipment and trucks

  • Proactive Anti-Icing helps workers get roads to the safe state required by their contractual obligations, benefiting both the workers and the general public 

Safety & the Environment

There are many positive aspects in which the use of Beet 55® limits the impact on the environment.