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Gary Zecchel, CEO, VSA Highway Maintenance

Gary Zecchel attributes a large part of VSA Highway Maintenance Ltd. earning British Columbia’s 2015 Highway Maintenance Contractor of The Year Award to an effective Anti-Icing Program using a Beet 55® blend.  “Applying the Juice (NaCl/Beet 55®) to the road surface in advance of a snow fall allows us to keep surfaces in a safe condition until our plow trucks can reach them.  Without an anti-icing program we would be faced with a more resource intensive program using abrasives and salt alone.”

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Doug Borrowman, Owner & CEO, TD Business Ventures Inc.

Sylvan Lake, Alberta 

To all Concerned, 

Our Company has worked in the commercial property maintenance industry since 1999.  We have seen the industry change significantly over those years.  The most significant change has been the introduction of liquid ice control as a method of controlling ice and snow buildup on parking lots and sidewalks.  Since 2006 our company has been working diligently to seek out a reliable supplier of a quality liquid solution to ice control.  While the most common (in our area) was Calcium Chloride, we never felt comfortable using just another chloride which in addition to being very corrosive to our equipment did nothing to reduce the chloride load on our environment. Our goal as a Company is to continually evolve our processes without hurting the environment and when possible actually reduce our impact on the environment.  

The main problem we kept running into was supply.  While the liquid concept to ice control is very popular in the States and eastern Canada, there had not been much buy in to the technology in the western part of Canada.  After the trial of several products we as a Company knew that liquids were the future in our industry and we wanted to be at the for front of the wave.  We embarked on a plan to secure a product/supplier for our area.  Enter LuGr enterprises Inc. and Beet55.  We had made contact with a potential supplier out of Manitoba and they put us in touch with Luke from Lugr Enterprises Inc. in Red Deer Ab.

From day one Luke has made our foray into the liquid process much easier.  We no longer have a supplier issue.  Luke’s professional business approach to an industry that has traditionally been seen as being very amateurish and aloof, works in conjunction with our Company Vision of being a premium provider of services in the Commercial Property Maintenance Industry while reducing our impact on the Environment.  This vision can only be accomplished by aligning ourselves with quality suppliers and environmentally friendly products.  LuGr Enterprises Inc. has hit a homerun in both these areas.

Beet55 is proving to be a quality product that delivers the desired results while reducing the chloride impact on the environment.  We are continuing to see the results of the use of Beet55.  Our main gauge of our success is our customer feedback.  All of our fast food outlets (Tim Hortons, McDonalds and A&W) comment on the results of using Beet55 on their parking lots but primarily on their drive thru lanes.  They have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of their drive thru lanes being to bare pavement as opposed to snow packed and/or ice.  One of our main customers, Walmart, has requested for us to use only Beet55 instead of sand/salt at their entrance area to the store.  The cost to use this product is no more expensive than that of regular sand, chip, salt or ice melt and in most cases less expensive and easier to use by the employees.  Beet55 is another perfect “tool” in our tool box of products that we use here at TD Bobcat Service.

Any business in the snow management industry whether large or small, local Municipality or provincial Government would see an immediate benefit from aligning themselves with LuGr Enterprises Inc. and Luke Grayston.  With Luke’s professional approach to this industry, his future and by association your future are going to mutually benefit.