BEET 55™ Liquid Organic Accelerator is derived from sugar beet molasses, providing a sustainable, renewable and environmentally safe alternative. BEET 55™ is blended with salt brine to give you a natural agricultural product that features snow and ice control performance superior to traditional brines. When blended to the correct salt brine to BEET 55™ ratio, you have a product that is 75 percent less corrosive than salt brine itself. BEET 55™ is proven to reduce salt application rates by 50 percent and substantially reduce operating and material costs. BEET 55™ is primarily used as a performance enhancer to salt brine.

Below is the freeze point curve from a lab based test on a "Beet Juice" solution (65% Salt Brine / 35% Beet 55®).  

About Beet 55®